, global airconditioner manufacturer, protects your air.

portable, window, split, wall, cassette, allege, standing, central, chillers, recessed, built-in, heat pump, VRV, etc... AirMost protects your air

La climatisation dans tous ses états : du portable au chiller résidentiel, Airmost protège votre air


an  ARKEMIX company

 Airmost’s principals invested heavily to create state of the art machines, combined with  over

20 years research and development : result is  a line of most energy efficient and quietest air conditioners available worldwide. 

    sizes fit all projects :  5 000 btu to 500 000 btu, from 0,75 HP to 100HP, from 1 to 1 200 Kw technology advanced Airconditioners solutions with outstanding energy efficiency

for service/documentation contact :  monsieurclim(at)